Thursday, April 28, 2011

married...without children

What is the big freaking deal? Why does getting married mean that it is time to immediately become barefoot and pregnant? Hey everyone, 1954 called and it wants it's societal expectations back. From the moment Tim and I said 'I do' we have been suffocated with nosey inquiries regarding 'when the babies are coming' and have been bombarded with disappointed warnings of how we are 'not getting any younger'. While I have absolutely no doubt that we will make exceptionally excellent parents when the time comes, I just don't understand why it is so hard to believe that a married couple wants to spend some time simply as a married couple, and isn't focused on rushing strait to the delivery room!? Tim and I have been in each others lives for well over a decade. It took us four years to transition from just friends to sweethearts and then another nine to transition into husband and wife. I don't think either of us expected marriage to feel so different than regular coupledom since we have been together for so long and thought we knew everything possible about each other. Now that we are settling in to our new titles as 'husband' and 'wife', we are realizing that a marriage is an entity all it's own that can only thrive if we take the time to understand it and nurture it. I appreciate that we are able to focus on the foundation of our marriage without the distraction of a needy child. Can we please have a minute to process and enjoy this major life change before diving into a completely different and much more demanding one!? I will admit that before we got married, I was experiencing some intense baby fever. I blame this partially on my 28 year old hormones and partially on just needing a change of pace. Since we have gotten back from NYC my baby fever has dissipated and has been replaced with husband fever:) I love love love being married! I love making dinners for my husband. I love having surprise date nights. Mostly, I love being the annoyingly cute newlywed couple that everyone openly congratulates and secretly envies. Who has ever been jealous of the sleep deprived couple covered in mysterious baby stickiness frantically looking for the pacifier? Not me. The last four months have been the happiest of my life and we plan to stretch the awesomeness as far as we can. So this blog entry is for everyone, from the complete strangers who feel comfortable and compelled to give us baby having advice to every single one of our parents who feel it is time for us to reproduce. I am 28, not 38 and I promise a baby will happen. When WE want it to.


  1. My husband & I actually don't want any kids - so you can imagine the responses we get from some people (mostly strangers) when we tell them that no, we're perfectly happy with each other.

  2. you are obviously not human if you don't want kids! lol:)