Thursday, March 31, 2011

please, allow me to introduce myself...

Until this moment, I was a blogging virgin. I never quite understood if a blog was just a narcissistic version of a diary- or if endless posts of ideas, rants, tips, tricks, and an assortment of random ramblings somehow serve a greater purpose in internet-land, or regular-land for that matter. I am not exactly sure why I'm suddenly attracted to exploring this form of "media" but maybe I'm enticed by the idea of abandoning public social graces and trading my mask of political correctedness for whatever new one I choose to create. To be honest, I was actually inspired to start this blog as I was getting settled into seat 21E on the last leg of a flight from La Guardia to San Diego with Tim, my husband of just two days. We had successfully executed our mission to elope guerrilla-style at Grand Central Station in New York City and were on our way home. As we were barreling back to reality, thirty thousand feet in the air, I began to realize what an unbelievably lucky girl I am to still have this amazing man sitting next to me. Tim and I are high school friends, college sweethearts, and have built a life together 2000 miles away from home. We have undoubtedly experienced our share of bumps in our nine year love affair. The biggest bump being a two-year separation after a premature engagement that ended with what I tend to call my 'quarter life crisis'. It's during this separation that I learned the most about myself and it was essential that I learn it as a single unit. I risked everything on an unknown something and I walked away from someone who I loved very much. I took a huge chance at losing the love of my life and I didn't. It is because of this that I consider myself quite lucky. My husband loves me very much and I literally love him more every day and I honestly believe if we had gotten married the first time around, without our time to be selfish, we would be resentful and unhappy and on the fast track to divorce. With over half of all marriages ending in divorce, I think it's wise to second guess it. That shit is serious and it's forever. Today, we are almost three months in and together we are learning how to build a healthy marriage. The newlywed-ness still hasn't worn off and I'm hoping it doesn't for awhile. Regardless, I'm committed to loving my husband forever. Even when he pisses me off. Anyway, my blog intentions are to talk about "the real happily ever after" because it doesn't happen at all like they say it will. True love isn't the myth. The myth is the "perfect" way to finding it.

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  1. dear daisy, i'm so happy to get the chance to read into your thoughts blog style. i was also weirded out by it at first, but it stuck. i see it as a chance to form friendships, and share inspiration with people that you'd never see face to face and that's pretty cool.

    your love story has had it trials, but i agree that they were necessary. you needed that time alone to sort things out, and i'm so glad you came out so much stronger and balanced out in the end.

    here's to mr. and mrs. benz. i love you both!!